Reflexive Verbs Spanish Worksheet

Reflexive Verbs Spanish Worksheet. Review using reflexive verbs in the script and by writing 5… However, as Spanish instructor in Barcelona, Spain, I take pleasure in very a lot your movies, grammar rationalization and examples. When it’s within the imperative kind, the reflexive verb and the reflexive pronoun turn out to be one word. Game individually, in pairs, or in a small group setting, while Partner Matamoscas is perfect for pairs or small groups!

It incorporates eleven detailed and arranged slides with explanations, examples, and practice questions. In this case the reflexive verb “Llamarse” means “call up”, “Me llamó” would imply “called me up” up to now. Now, if we ask a query using “me” then we have to reply utilizing “te” which correspond to the topic pronoun you. The first two answers do not agree with the question. Sometimes it is rather helpful to add a prepositional phrase like “a mí” , “a nosotros”, “a tí” and so forth earlier than the reflexive pronoun. This way we might additionally say “Sí, a tí te llamó Ashley”.

This bundle includes notes, 2 apply slides, a worksheet and a project for reflexive verbs in Spanish. You can theme your matching sheet, and the flexibility to make use of totally different languages means that you can work language studying into your lessons as well. Because WordMint templates are totally customized, you can create an identical quiz for youths that fits their age and schooling level. Reflexive pronouns may also be used to add emphasis to a seemingly common state of affairs. In these instances, the reflexive pronoun just isn’t usually translated immediately into English, but it typically provides a sense of doing one thing extra completely or totally. There is one thing you have to be careful of when looking for reflexive verbs.

Spanish Reflexive Verbs Worksheet 2

This additionally works if you want to make a general statement without talking to anybody particularly. This is similar to how we might use “one” or “you” in a generic sense in English. I am making an attempt to teach myself spanish for 3 years. My appreciation and I’m positive of many others are past words. I am doing the action to one thing else, NOT myself.

Reflexive Verbs Spanish Worksheet

This video makes use of good graphics and various other examples to elucidate what Spanish reflexive pronouns are and their relationship with subject pronouns. It also explains the means to conjugate reflexive verbs in the language to make sentences about every day routines and different subjects. All the examples in the video will help you get the best out of this lesson. After discussing reflexive verbs along with your starting or intermediate Spanish classes, present them with this apply opportunity. They learn the sentences, resolve which reflexive pronouns belongs in every, and write the word in the blank… As you now know, reflexive verbs require the utilization of reflexive pronouns to point that the direct object of the verb can be the topic .

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Complete each of the following sentences or questions with the proper form of the verb. Again, you’ll receive a tip each time you find a correct reply. In different words, when reflexive verbs are used as actions, if the action will affect a selected object then use the verb in infinitive form solely. If the verb just isn’t conjugated, and instead is in its infinitive kind, there are two positions for the reflexive pronoun to go. The first is earlier than the conjugated verb within the sentence, and the second is attached to the tip of the infinitive reflexive verb. This doesn’t change the which means of the verb at all, and it’s totally as a lot as you which position you set it in.

  • The first is earlier than the conjugated verb within the sentence, and the second is attached to the tip of the infinitive reflexive verb.
  • On the poster, or on PowerPoint slides, Spanish language learners…
  • Both sentences imply “You are brushing your teeth”.
  • The solely reason it’s used is for emphasis on the subject being the person carrying out the motion for themselves.
  • I donated to your website so you might continue the nice work.

These examples will surely assist with their sentence construction. Third graders sing the reflext verb song, Me acuesto a las diez, while they show day by day activities utilizing gestures, actions and props. I am an Industrial Engineer turned IB Spanish teacher. I began sharing my educating supplies in 2009 after I took day without work work to be with my kids.


A self-referential pronoun implies that the subject of the verb and the pronoun are the identical. Essentially, in some circumstances, you possibly can consider it like the English “self”. Of course, that’s not always the case, which is why it does result in some confusion, however we’ll see why. You did an excellent job of explaining the reflexive verbs.

Reflexive Verbs Spanish Worksheet

Students practice conjugating verbs to gather as much gold as they’ll, attempting to avoid “El Duende” who will steal their coins! You can have them do that as a writing activity by using mini whiteboards on your students, or just have them say their answers out loud. Provided here’s a thorough evaluation of direct, oblique, and reflexive pronouns.

With questions and verb reflexive verb analysis. Just to ensure you’ve obtained these down, the following table shows you the Spanish reflexive pronoun forms, together with instance sentences exhibiting how they might be used. Remember, the reflexive pronoun will at all times be the same number and person as the topic of the sentence. One of the more seemingly strange uses of the reflexive is the place it’s utilized in a normal verb adopted by an object.


Intended for learners who’re somewhat familiar with stem-changing reflexive verbs, this useful resource supplies a fast evaluate chart and a nine-problem follow section. In general, reflexive verbs are these the place the subject and object are the identical. In other phrases, the topic does one thing “to himself”. This brief quiz was planned in order to assist you to follow Spanish reflexive verbs. Choose the best reply for each query in the quiz from the given options. You will obtain a tip each time you find the best answer.

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The major verb is who is performing the action, and the reflexive pronoun is who the motion is directed at. In the case of reflexive verbs, these will each refer to the identical particular person. ‘Pon’ is the conjugation of ‘tú’ in the imperative form.

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